Beyond the Numbers

We define success in terms of lives changed, not just degrees awarded. It’s why our model is focused on serving the whole student.



We empower students to create the educational experience that works best for them, with competency-based learning that prepares them for good jobs.



We support students with a team of coaches committed to their success—and in some cases, we’ll offer help with childcare, transportation, and scholarships, too.



We focus relentlessly on our students’ success—aligning their classes with career goals and offering personalized coaching, so they’re more prepared for what comes next.

I had been looking at different college programs for a while, but everything was either too expensive or didn’t fit my lifestyle. When I learned about Rivet School, everything clicked.

Andrew Murphy

Graduate of Southern New Hampshire University through Rivet School in Richmond, CA

A graduate of Rivet School
AdvanceEDU really helps students create a flexible path through their college and career—in my case, getting my associates degree in general studies on my way to a business degree while I work as a manager at Chipotle.

Kelly Aguilar-Ramos

Student at Southern New Hampshire University through AdvanceEDU, Denver, CO

Because of my personal responsibilities and family obligations, I found it really difficult to attend classes on a college campus, so I love the opportunity to pursue my dreams on my own time with the flexibility of online classes.

Kinyata Dickson

Student at Trellis, New Orleans, LA

Comparison With Other College Models

PSC organizations are more effective than community colleges, more efficient than 4-year colleges, and more affordable than online colleges. Here’s the proof.

PSC Model Traditional College Community College Online College
Flexible Coursework
Affordable Programs
Comprehensive Coaching
Career & Community Connections


Source: National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

Advancing Racial Justice

The PSC model is designed to work for everyone, but our flexible, supportive approach is particularly effective at helping first-gen students, low-income students, and BIPOC students navigate a system that wasn’t designed with them in mind. Every aspect of our work—from recruitment to staffing—is intended to remove the barriers that make it far too difficult to attain a diploma, so that more people of color can get a college degree and the job opportunities that come with it.

Economic Opportunity & Social Mobility

A bachelor’s degree is worth an estimated $2.8 million over the course of a lifetime, making it the smartest possible career investment. But as skyrocketing tuition continues to fuel massive student debt, it’s an investment that many Americans simply can’t make. PSC organizations are changing the calculus by offering students the opportunity to earn a degree from fully accredited universities at affordable costs. Because we’re not in it for the money; we’re in it for the impact on our students and the impact on our community.